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    Sidi cycling shoes

    22 products - deals from 46 retailers

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    buy sidi cycling shoes for men and women

    Sidi cycling shoes: Favored by pros for decades

    Armed with over half a century of experience, Sidi is one of the few cycling brands that riders hold in high standards. Recognized for their superb craftsmanship, these Italian-bred shoes have been chosen by countless athletes for years. 

    Further solidifying the brand’s reputation, two of their models have also been chosen as the official shoe of the Giro d’Italia for two consecutive years: 2018 to 2019.

    Backed up by their long history and industry knowledge, you can be confident with every Sidi shoe purchase.

    Sidi shoes: For driven men and women cyclists

    Today the brand continues to provide excellent cycling footwear for modern, persistent cyclists. For many enthusiasts, having their first pair of Sidi shoes is considered a rite of passage due to their well-known quality and relatively higher price. 

    Not just for pros, for ambitious hobbyists as well

    Sidi’s reputation for excellent craftsmanship and performance-driven shoes naturally appeals to goal-oriented individuals. 

    Some of the Italian brand’s most-liked features are their signature heel cup technology, replaceable parts, and easy to use closure mechanisms such as BOA, ratchet, and Velcro.

    Every type of cyclist is catered to

    It doesn’t matter which type of cycling you’re into as the Italian company already has it covered. Sidi’s main categories are sleeker-than-usual MTB shoes and stiff-soled road shoes, but they also offer footgear for cyclocross, triathlon, indoor, and many others.

    Search for discounted Sidi bike shoes made more convenient!

    With Sidi bike shoes famous for their well-made products and jaw-dropping prices, finding a good bargain would be a triumph for anybody. 

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